Wald Lexus IS-F

wald IS-F (photo courtesy of Wald)

wald IS-F (photo courtesy of Wald)

Most of the Lexus IS-F owner ae speed freak. They love speed so much so they bought the IS-F instead of the standard Lexus IS. But some of them won’t be satisfied with the IS-F standard looks, they want crazier looks. And Wald realised this fact. As a respectable and active Japanese tuner, they must make the IS-F better looking and acceptable for the speed freaks. So, they added front spoiler with splitter, wide side sills,and it’s just getting more insane on the back. I can’t say it’s nice looking, but hey it’s really represents a car with crazy performance.via modtor

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Wald Lexus LS

What else a young executive could possibly wants from their Lexus LS? It’s comfortable, looks good, quite powerful and makes people respect you. So short to say, it’s got everything. But, apparently, the people at Wald didn’t agree with you. They thought they can make a better looking Lexus LS. And they did!
If you look at this Lexus, one thing that accross your mind is one word, excellent. Wald bravely painted the front grille so the Lexus identity will be humbly hidden. The bodykit design also very simple, not full bumper but only moderate thickness lips spoiler, side skirt with a little chrome, nice small ducktail,also rear half spoiler with diffuser. Maybe the most dramatic change is the side fender, now it has gills just like the IS-F. 22″ Wald Portofino rims also replace the standard Lexus LS wheels.via modtor
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