Konigseder Smart Fortwo

If the Brabus Smart fortwo is not extreme enough for you, consider this modification from Konigseder. Though they didn’t upgrade the engine,which is quite risky because of the use of new 17″ wide wheels will make the car performance even worse than the stock, but their bodykit design is really cool. At first sight, it may seems a little bit extreme or, excuse me, ricey. But take a good long look at this,and you will find and attractive bodykit. Just imagine that this car was painted in black.And those silly floral stickers is not applied on the body, and get rid of those two small things under the front lips cause not only it makes the car uglier, it doesn’t have any function.Air splitter? You don’t need it when you are driving at the maximum speed of 60Mph.via modtor
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Carlsson Smart For Two

Maybe this Smart isn’t as complicated as Brabus’ Smart, but for the bodywork, this car deserves a lot of attentions. And the tuner behind this is also already very popular. Carlsson maybe made some bodykits which we can’t call it beautiful before. But on this Smart For Two, they did a very good job. First, they replaced old spoiler with new ones equipped with stainless steel grille, new fog lamp, and rear skirts with diffuser and quad pipe exhausts. To boosts the looks on the car, they provide new wheels with lowering kit. Inside, they didn’t do much there. Just some light touch with replacing the handbrake and the pedal set. Now, this european kei-car looks much better than the stock.via modtor
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Brabus ULTIMATE 112 Smart Fortwo

Have you ever see a smart for two this good looking? This is the smart for two made by Brabus, which the reputation of modifying merc is unquestionable. Well, maybe you won’t buy this Brabus ULTIMATE 112 (that’s how they called this modified smart fortwo) since it’s so expensive and it’s limited to 112 only.
If you really a Brabus fan and you’re lucky to get one of these, this small car’s performance is really great. 0-60 Mph takes 9.5 seconds, top speed is about 107 mph (limiter)and it’s because the engine produces 110 Bhp and 150 Nm of torque, these number looks small, but look at how tiny the smart is. But, if you don’t want to spend that much money on the cheap car, you still can use their bodykit design for your smart car, because just look at this Brabus, the aerokit looks sick, really sick. And don’t forget the glossy black rims which looks good. But, maybe you want to reconsider about the size, if Brabus Ultimate uses 18 inch with really wide tyres it’s because the Brabus engine requires good tyres to handle the power and it’s an impossible job for the tiny stock wheels, and if you trying to put that big rims into your stock smart, just wonder how super slow it will goes….via modtor
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