Maserati Quattroporte Novitec

Quattroporte Novitec

Quattroporte Novitec

If you are rich enough to buy a Quattroporte, I guess you want to be special.If you don’t want your car to looks the same as another quattroporte, here is the solution. The people at Novitec Group, the one who plays with Ferraris, through their branch the Novitec Tridente, they make the Quattroporte into something sexier. They put 20 inch Novitec NM1 alloy wheels that looks gorgeous and to match it, four huge P Zero tires (245/35R20 in front, 285/30R20 in the rear) installed. They also fitted adjustable suspension with upgraded dampers. The engine also got a bit tweaked from the standard 400 hp into 413 Bhp and 332 to 345 pound-feet in torque. They also installed new exhaust and a reprogrammed engine electronics that allows the car to rev until 7,800 rpm.

via modtor

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