Autoexe Mazda RX8

In my previous post, when I said how the Phantom Conquistador will be the perfect car for Bruce Wayne, I was wondering what will be a perfect car for the Joker (the Heath Ledger’s one off course). And guess what, I found this, the new bodykit from Autoexe for Mazda RX8. Look at the very cool front bumper with big air intake plus 2 small ones which looks just like the scar on Joker’s face. The cooling duct at the hood also makes a really aggressive impression for this car. But unfortunately, at the back they didn’t do it very well. Look at the hideous GT wing that ruins the car looks. My opinion, buy the front bumper but put another wing or don’t put it at all.via modtor

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DAMD Mazda RX-7 AFFLUX vers. V



If you have the FD3S RX-7 and already got bored of the looks, check out this DAMD RX-7. The sick bodykit is meant to make your old and ordinary FD3S to be a brand new fresh sports car. Although I would recommend another paint scheme for this kind a car.Make it red , or yellow, or no color at all. Because look at it! One crazy looking car….But this comes at high price, at approx. $17.000, this isn’t cheap. And after you install this bodykit, you have to tune the car, otherwise your crazy sporty looking car will be a laughing stock.

via modtor

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