Hartge BMW X5

Owner of BMW X5 hardly uses it as an off road car,or even slightly get out of the main road. That’s why this modification from Hartge is quite reasonable. They turn this off road capable SAV into a road only SAV. Look at it, their thick sporty full front bumper will never make it out there. Neither are the side skirts with chrome steps which will easily be broken if it goes onto a ramp. And those race looking diffuser is definitely not made to impress kangaroo in the outback. Don’t even mention that the 22″ wheels will not survive the bumps. On the interior, you can choose 3-spokes leather steering wheel with silver carbon fiber, new speedometer, aluminum pedals, carbon interior trim and even excluxive floor mat are available. Under the hood, there are some performance upgrade package to make it more aggressive. Well, it may not works on the off road, but it looks damn good on the road.via modtor
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