Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Is there anything wrong with the GTB Fiorano? Is it so ugly or so slow or so powerless that it needs major upgrades? I think most of us wil answer the same. Which is no, by the way. Maybe Fiorano is not the prettiest Ferrari ever, but it’s doing okay. So why Hamann insisted to modify this car? Well, as long as they make it better,I don’t have any ojection to it.Hamann tried to change the GT looks on the Fiorano to become more aggresive, so they fitted the car with front skinny spoiler at the front, side sill panels, roof spoiler which continues the air into the rear wing creating more grip to the car.And they put three-pieces diffuser that is actually works in this kind of car and not just for fashion.via modtor Continue reading


Hamann Rolls Royce Phantom

Hamann Rolls Royce Phantom (Photo courtesy of Hamann Motorsport)

Hamann Rolls Royce Phantom (Photo courtesy of Hamann Motorsport)

Everyone knows Hamann Motorsport reputation, they always makes good products.And this is one of their projects, the almighty Rolls,the Phantom. If you have the money to buy the Phantom, then the Hamann will come cheap for you.

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