Wald BMW e90 3 series

Your BMW e90 3series is already looks kinda old?Buying a new car is expensive? Then you will need refreshment. You can buy this upgrade looks kit from WALD.Because,personally, I think this is the by far the best looking bodykit on 3series. It looks sporty but not too much,and it is good.The bodykit make a good harmony along with the wheels.The only think you have to consider is to change your standard color into this kind of white, because this car with the bodykit looks really good in white.via modtor
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Ericsson BMW M3

This Ericsson is not the one who makes cellular phone and Sony’s best friend. This Ericsson is a division from Powerhouse Amuse,a very respectable Japanese tuner, which specializes in European cars. On this M3, they went all-out on the modification. They reduce the weight with usage of carbon fiber front lips and rear diffuser,hood, trunk, and doors. To match the performance(and the looks of the rear bumper), they installed their sigature Titan Performa exhaust with burnt exhaust tips. And to match the Ericsson sport suspension sysem, four big 20″BBS LM-R were installed. The engine? Off course they increased the performance!The result is 473 Bhp. So, it looks really good and perform very well.Good job, the other Ericsson!via modtor

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G-Power BMW M6

BMW M6 G-Power

BMW M6 G-Power

If you want to go hardcore with a convertible, choose this G-Power M6. Yes, they modified the M6, the already powerful badge in the history of motorworld. What they did is they put twin-supercharger kit to boosts the original sportscar 507 Bhp into supercar range power at 635 Bhp.Torque? 600 Nm, well it’s strong enough to rotate the earth backwards.0-60 in 4.6 secs, top speed at 200 miles per hour, no wonder they call Continue reading

Lumma Design BMW 6 series

Lumma Design 6series

Lumma Design 6series

After designing the kit for BMW M6, Lumma Design didn’t want to make the weaker brother, the standard 6 series, jealous for long time. They designed new front spoiler, side skirt, and rear apron bumper. They also change the rims and lowered the suspension by 35mm,the result is one nice looking 6series. There is not much under the hood,though. They only upgrade the ECU, engine styling kit, put some new carbon fiber air filters housing, brand new exhaust system, also change the valve cover. But why you need to go fast with the look this good?via modtor

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