Eventhough Audi TT is a really pretty car, there’s always some people who don’t think so. For example, look at this PPI modified Audi TT. They insisted that the standard Audi TT must have bigger wheels, so they put 19″ wheels to replace the standard. They think, Audi TT needs some make up, so they put aerokit that’s not only upgrades the looks, but also improve the aerodynamics. After the car gout out of the operation room, the result is stunning. And with this good looks, I really don’t care with the engine. Though they put some upgrades to make the car produces 245 Bhp and 366 Nm of torque, really, I don’t care about the engine…..via modtor

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JE Design Audi TT

The standard looks of an Audi TT is already beautiful, but tuners all over the world insist they can make a better TT. Take a look at this JE Design TT, now the beauty gets even more prettier.
They added the front bumper with simple left and right mounted spoilers plus lip spoiler, carbon fiber diffuser at the back, and quad exhaust tailpipes. Wheels? 20″ with huge 330x28mm four pistons caliper brakes.A drop of 30 mm also provided by the new sport springs. At this rate, the looks of the car is already very cool. But if you still unsatisfy, you can change the ECU and the exhaust system so the car now reach 0-60mph in 6 secs flat.via modtor

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