Hamann Aston Martin Vantage

This is why people love modification world. Some people can turn a car to be better, some are making it worse. But this Hamann‘s modified Vantage get into the group where some people turn a really nice car into a one astonishing, fabulous, really cool and very handsome car. This aerokit totally gets into Vantage wild side, making the car looks stunning as well as improves the handling. If the high quality bodykit doesn’t satisfy you thirst for racing look enough, eventhough it’s already equipped with a cool roof scoop, Hamann three pieces 21″ wheels deliver more racing style into it. The whole body dropped down by 30 mm in the front and 20mm at the back, thanks to new lowering springs. And if you want to experience the racing look inside, Hamann also offers interior upgrade such as new aluminum pedal set, leather trim and floor mats.via modtor
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Premier 4509 Aston Martin Vantage

Haven’t found a nice bodykit to match your Aston Martin Vantage? Well, the Premier 4509 got the solution. Just look at the fantastic bodykit, front,side, rear are all in one good harmony. After you change the bodykit, you have to change the rims obviously.And they also provide the rims that will do the job. The aggresive looking 3 pieces wheels will make your Aston looks stunning.via modtor

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