Hartge BMW X5

Owner of BMW X5 hardly uses it as an off road car,or even slightly get out of the main road. That’s why this modification from Hartge is quite reasonable. They turn this off road capable SAV into a road only SAV. Look at it, their thick sporty full front bumper will never make it out there. Neither are the side skirts with chrome steps which will easily be broken if it goes onto a ramp. And those race looking diffuser is definitely not made to impress kangaroo in the outback. Don’t even mention that the 22″ wheels will not survive the bumps. On the interior, you can choose 3-spokes leather steering wheel with silver carbon fiber, new speedometer, aluminum pedals, carbon interior trim and even excluxive floor mat are available. Under the hood, there are some performance upgrade package to make it more aggressive. Well, it may not works on the off road, but it looks damn good on the road.via modtor
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Azect Honda CRV

looking for cool and thick bodykit so your crv will looks like it’ll lick the road everytime it moves? See this bodykit by Azect from Japan.This elegant bodykit succesfully transforms the light SUV to be one cool road licker. You just need to combine this bodykit with 22″(must be much bigger than rims shown in picture) and your CRV will look so damn good.via modtor

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Kesselman Mazda CX-7

This extreme red thing right here is Mazda SUV, the CX-7.People at Kesselman change the original identity of an SUV to be a one cool road-scrapper.They installed fat bodykit to match the CX-7 muscular body.And,eventhough maybe the bodykit design is not everbody’s taste, I have to say that personally I think this is cool.very cool. Maybe the wheels is too small, but this is a racing look car, and big wheels will ruin the charisma. If you want to make your CX-7 different, this is the bodykit design for you.via modtor

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PPI Audi Q7

It’s quite difficult to modify a big car like the Audi Q7, you have to choose the right bodykit that match the bulky looks of the car. Because you want your car to looks better, not the other way around. But to choosing the right bodykit for the Q7 is not easy.Luckily, The PPI Design can be a good choise for your Q7. This huge SUV now got a new front bumper, thick side skirts, rear spoiler and full rear bumper. These bodykits make the Q7 looks aggressive and sporty. As for the rear bumper, they can also fit Carbon Fiber Diffuser in 2 different finishes(carbon or aluminum).  A big car needs big wheels, so PPi fitted 22″ rims inside the fender. To roll the big wheels easily, PPI also did some modification on the engine, they offer 3 different tuning stages.Good work, PPI!

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Arden Range Rover Sport

The standard Range Rover already have it all, power, beauty and prestige. And it’s just getting better with the touch of Arden. Arden knows that to modify a car as good looking as a Range Rover, they have to be careful. Their modification has to end with a result of superb looking vehicle. And they did it, actually. Look at the attractive aerodynamic-kit that makes the Range feels stronger. And inside those huge fenders, they put 10 spokes 22″ rims. And that’s not all because they also put their magic touch to the engine. The result is a massive 520 Bhp and 502 Nm of torque. To stop all the powers, Arden replace the brakes with high performance 6pots calipers at the front and 4pots calipers at the back. But maybe with this car, you don’t want to go fast, cause it just looks so good….via modtor

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TRD Toyota Vanguard

While the name reminds you of a gutsy knight’s horse, this Toyota Vanguard is just isn’t. Unlike the Land Cruiser, this car doesn’t have a proper looks of an SUV. I am not say this car is ugly, though. It’s got potential to looks better. And that’s also what TRD realized. They have to make this car to match the name. So they put some aero kit, which maybe technically doesn’t work at all, but it really boosted the car looks. It’s not too much but it’s more than enough for this Vanguard. Vanguard owner, hurry contact TRD….via modtor
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AC Schnitzer BMW X6

Do you like the new BMW X6? Well, I don’t. It’s kinda like the bastard son of BMW X5 and the BMW 5series, threesome with Honda CR-V. It looks ugly, not proportional and, well ummmm….ugly. But, for AC Schnitzer, a respectful BMW tuning house, they tried to make this ugly machine into something better, they have to do it. And they come up with this upgrade kits for the BMW X6. First, they throw away the standard bumper, and fitted new big spoiler, new big rear bumper with diffuser and tailpipes, and to top that, four huge 22″s Type VII Modular rims along with new lowering kits were fitted inside the car’s fender. They haven’t touch the engine, but the most important thing is really to change the car visual. And they did it very well.

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