Kicherer Mercedes Benz CL

What if your dreaming car gets better looking? You will want it even more. Take a look at this Mercedes Benz CL from Kicherer. With a slight tuning for the exterior, such as grille, side skirts and rear diffuser, this Merc will make you drool just looking at it. To makes you drool even more, they put new sets of wheels, the Kicherer RS-1 in 20″ along with new lower springs and dampers. And this elegant car also got some more horsepower (53,to be precise) for the top of the line CL 600. Enter the cabin, and you will also find new trim in Alcantara and carbon fiber.

via modtor

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Hamann Aston Martin Vantage

This is why people love modification world. Some people can turn a car to be better, some are making it worse. But this Hamann‘s modified Vantage get into the group where some people turn a really nice car into a one astonishing, fabulous, really cool and very handsome car. This aerokit totally gets into Vantage wild side, making the car looks stunning as well as improves the handling. If the high quality bodykit doesn’t satisfy you thirst for racing look enough, eventhough it’s already equipped with a cool roof scoop, Hamann three pieces 21″ wheels deliver more racing style into it. The whole body dropped down by 30 mm in the front and 20mm at the back, thanks to new lowering springs. And if you want to experience the racing look inside, Hamann also offers interior upgrade such as new aluminum pedal set, leather trim and floor mats.via modtor
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Lorinser Mercedes Benz SL

Wow, look at this bodykit from Lorinser for the new Mercedes Benz SL class! It’s like Mercedes SL’s owner has just got an early christmas present. The front bumper makes the car look more aggressive and the air intake match the new SL headlamps. New gills on the side.Thick side skirts, rear diffuser from carbon fiber. I don’t really care if they say this bodykit can reduce lifting, provides better cooling for the engine, improves handling etc, cause with this beautiful looks, it’s more than enough. To complete the plastic surgery-carbon fiber surgery,I mean-they gave the SL new stes of wheels from their trademark RS 9 forged wheels. There’s still no engine upgrades cause Lorinser still developing it. They plan to tune the ECU and put some new exhaust system.via modtor
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ASI Bentley Continental GTC

A two doors expensive Bentley coupe gets a drop top? It’s really good. And that Bentley now got a really cool premium bodykit? It’s even better! If a Flying Spur is not for you, since you are a stylish rich and young playboy, you can always choose a Bentley cabriolet. And to makes it even cooler, call ASI and apply their bodykit to your car. This bodykit design is actually similar with the one on the Flying Spur, There’s some changes on the front bumper makes it look more subtle, Almost the same side skirts from carbon fiber, at the back it’s quite different, in this GTC the design is more aggressive.The wheels are exactly the same, you can choose different finishing,though. And,if this is not enough, ASI will be so happy to modify the engine so the output result will be 800 Bhp. But, are you really wanna go that fast in this beautiful looking car?via modtor

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Vorsteiner AMG CLK Black Series

Having a CLK 63 AMG Black series means that you are a serious driver. Because instead of buying a 2nd hand Ferrari which costs pretty much the same, you chose this ‘commoners’ car with some bodykit works on it. So, you know that this car’s engine has hardcore performance. But, can you do something to makes it more serious? Well, Vorsteiner can provide you with that. They made new lightweight dry carbon-fiber front spoiler and a superb rear trunk lid spoiler to improve downforce and aerodynamixs even more. And more good news is Vorsteiner is still developing the upgrade kits for this beast. That package includes ECU remapping and high flow exhaust manifolds plus sport catalysts. This might not look as good as Ferrari, but it’s sure delivers hard punch. Move out, Ferari! via modtor Continue reading

Carlsson Mercedes Benz SL Class

The difference between succesful person and the average people is that a succesful person is not easily satisfy with what he already gain, and want to be more and more succesful. And that’s what makes them move forward than stay still. And if you have Mercedes Benz SL-class, you’re considerate succesful. So you will not satisfy with your SL standard looks. Luckily, Carlsson know what you need. They offer exterior and interior upgrade package as well as the engine’s upgrade. The new bodykit now improves aerodynamics and better airflow. And it looks beautiful especially if you look at the rear diffuser with quad exhaust pipes. And don’t call them Carlsson if they didn’t do any engine mods, they have this CK 50 package that gives more horse on the engine. The stock 388 Bhp (SL 500) is now a breath-taking 436 Bhp with 600Nm of torque. If this still doesn’t make you satisfied, Carlsson also developing a new engine kit for the SL600 to make the car boosts more than 700 Bhp and ONE-THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED Nm of torque! But, if I may give advice for SL succesful owner, please think again about placing the big badge at the grille it’s ruining the looks. Stock looks better.via modtor
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Vorsteiner BMW M3

The purpose of a diet is to get a better looks and better health, but sometimes you end up with only one, it’s hard to get both. So,what will happen if a powerful BMW gets a diet? Will the diet makes it better? And the answer is yes. Vorsteiner is one of many tuner who gets upset because BMW decided to cancel on the BMW E92 CSL, so they decided some diet programs for the BMW M3. And the programs include lots of carbon fiber.First,was the installation of a lightweight bodykit with add on carbon fiber front spoiler, rear diffuser with aero fins and trunk spoiler. To remove more weight, Vorsteiner replace the exhaust system which is lighter by almost 18 kg(17.7 kg less than the stock, to be precise). And to get better looks, Vorsteiner put lightweight 20″ forged wheels. The last, they also offer full carbon fiber trim kit to match this car diet concept. This then, is one successful diet…..via modtor
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