Kenstyle Chrysler 300C

What can you choose to make the Chrysler 300C looks more muscular in every way? Big wheels are a must,of course. But other than that, you have to choose the suitable bodykit. Otherwise,you will ruin the muscular look. It’s quite risky to make it better. But, Kenstyle has the bodykit just for you. They fitted the Chrysler with front bumper with three air vents which maybe won’t do anything to improve airflow, side skirts, and the best part is the rear bumper with double exhausts tips that look just right for this car. This is one stylish American muscle car.via modtor
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Lorinser Mercedes Benz C Class

Modifying a C Class seems like an easy task for Lorinser. The stock car already looks good, much better than the predecessor. And Lorinser have years of experience of tuning Merc. On this C Class,as usual, there are exterior upgrades, interior upgrades and of course engine tuning. But the main interest here is the exterior upgrades. Maybe Lorinser were inspired by fish when they started side skirts deisgn, since there lots of gills on it. Rear spoiler also looks attractive thanks to those clean shape tail pipes. And don’t forget those side fenders with airflow vents. It looks stunning. But honestly, the front bumper design is not really cool. It’s just too plain considering the racing looks side fenders and sporty side skirts. However, this Lorinser C class bodykit is worth to buy.via modtor
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Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XF

A Jaguar XF is already look so good that it needs only simple upgrade. Ecurie Ecosse also realized this, so their concept of modifying this gorgeous car is really simple. You will notice the rims change,now it’s 20″, and some Ecurie Ecosse’s badge. To make the car lower but still comfortable, they fit a fully adjustable suspension.  Is that it? well, not really. They offer three levels of engine tuning, with the high performance package for the top level SV8 Supercharged V8 engine is still on development. On the inside, they upgraded the interior with high quality Scottish leather upholstery and wood finish in piano black.

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Expression Motorsport Mercedes Benz C Class

If you bored with famous Mercedes Benz tuner since their bodykit is everywhere, this one might be suitable for you. The wide bodykit package from Expression Motorsport for the W204 C-Class might take your C Class into different level. There are front bumper with LED plus carbon fiber lip spoiler, sporty hood from C63 AMG, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler with carbon fiber diffuser and F1 style LED brake light, rear trunk spoiler with carbon deflector. But the best part is the wide fender, which allows 22″ to fit without any difficulties. Now the C Class looks like it came out straight from the DTM race.via modtor
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Modellista Toyota Crown Majesta

If you are living in Japan or you were born Japanese and your father own a Toyota Crown Majesta, here’s the perfect birthday gift for him. A set of bodykit from Modellista sure will put a big smile on his face. You can choose two different designs for the bodykit, which both are good looking. Their kit consists of front grille, lips front spoiler, side skirts,trunk lid spoiler and rear half cut bumper. With this complete bodykit, even a young man like you will look good in this car.via modtor
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Wald BMW e90 3 series

Your BMW e90 3series is already looks kinda old?Buying a new car is expensive? Then you will need refreshment. You can buy this upgrade looks kit from WALD.Because,personally, I think this is the by far the best looking bodykit on 3series. It looks sporty but not too much,and it is good.The bodykit make a good harmony along with the wheels.The only think you have to consider is to change your standard color into this kind of white, because this car with the bodykit looks really good in white.via modtor
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Ing’s Lexus GS

This Ing’s+1 bodykit for Lexus GS makes the stock car looks sportier. The combination of their bodykit and their very low suspension system resulted in one nice road licker. The front bumper design is simple but it’s quite thick, good to make the car lower looks. Side skirts and the rear bumper looks really nice with the finishing touch of a simple looking ducktail. If you have a Lexus GS and you wanna look cool, this bodykit is recommended.via modtor

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