Porsche toaster

Toasting bread never be the same again with this Porsche toaster. Yup, it’s a toaster with a famous car brand on it. Porsche, together with Siemens has made this cool looking toaster equipped with 11 different degrees on browning, automaticly adjust itself to the thickness of the bread,and count down using LED display. For $200, it’s not that expensive.Especially if you are a Porsche owner.via modtor


Dunhill for Bentley

After you saw the Bentley laptop that looks like a bag in the previous post, you might be wondering why they don’t just make bags?Well, here’s the answer, they did. Look at these bags as the result of their collaboration with luxury goods maker Dunhill. These bags were made specially to fit the trunk, with one set consists of large suitcase,small suitcase,weekend bag, briefcase, and wash bag. The design was inspired by Bentley’s leather seat. Each one is handcrafted,by the way. And for $9000,considering how rich Bentley’s owners are, is quite a bargain.

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Jaeger Lecoultre Aston Martin DBS Watch

Together with Aston Martin, Jaeger LeCoultre released a new chronograph watch. And no doubt for the quality since Jaeger is well known for making premium and exclusive watches. This watch has been designed with Aston Martin’s elements on it. Just like the DBS panel, this watch got a black dial and Aston Martin emblem. And more interesting is because James Bond driving the DBS, Jaeger put some gadgets into this watch as well. This watch can lock / unlock the Aston Martin DBS because it has small transponder inside. All you need to do is push the open button between 8 to 9 on the glass surface. Really cool,isn’t it?

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia had already announced the new phone that match petrolheads perfectly. Say, you got a car with lots of carbon fiber elements, you certainly will love this phone. So, this phone maybe not really smart, but people don’t buy it for its brain. They simply loves it for the design. Nokia 8800 has always been a fashion phone, but now it just get better. You might consider buying this because it will look good on your Aston’s or even in your pocket.

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What do you think about this iRiver Spinn? It looks nice, it’s got a lot of features, and it has big storage capacity. The Spinn has touch screen 3.2 inch TFT-LCD Screen, Bluetooth 2.0, FM Tuner, T-DMB TV, Flash 2.0, Text viewer, e-dictionary, 4&6&b Gb of Storage capacity.Get it while it’s still hot.

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Asus Lamborghini

Take a look at this Asus Lamborghini ZX-1 PDA phone, cool isn’t it? And not only good loking with carbon fiber on its surface, but this PDA phone also smart too. Just like the Lamborghini nowadays, its a blend of looks and technology. This phone got built in GPS, 3G, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz, EDGE/GPRS?GSM 850/900/1800 MHz,Class 10 Microsoft Windows® Mobile Mobile 6.1™ Professional, 2.8′ TFT LCD Screen, 65,000 colors, USB v2.0, WLAN 802.11b+g, QVGA 240X320 pixels, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. Nice phone!

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Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia

You want an iPhone 3G, but you don’t want to have the same phone just like millions other people? Well, then this is the phone for you. The Samsung Omnia (it’s Greek for ‘everything’, by the way) looks beautiful. It’s lighter than the iPhone 3Ggot  touch screen& touchpad, GPS, analog radio, 16Gb of memory (SGH-1900 16GB), 1440 mAH battery, etc. Well, it’s pretty much got omnia, I mean everything….

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