Carlsson Mercedes Benz SL Class

The difference between succesful person and the average people is that a succesful person is not easily satisfy with what he already gain, and want to be more and more succesful. And that’s what makes them move forward than stay still. And if you have Mercedes Benz SL-class, you’re considerate succesful. So you will not satisfy with your SL standard looks. Luckily, Carlsson know what you need. They offer exterior and interior upgrade package as well as the engine’s upgrade. The new bodykit now improves aerodynamics and better airflow. And it looks beautiful especially if you look at the rear diffuser with quad exhaust pipes. And don’t call them Carlsson if they didn’t do any engine mods, they have this CK 50 package that gives more horse on the engine. The stock 388 Bhp (SL 500) is now a breath-taking 436 Bhp with 600Nm of torque. If this still doesn’t make you satisfied, Carlsson also developing a new engine kit for the SL600 to make the car boosts more than 700 Bhp and ONE-THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED Nm of torque! But, if I may give advice for SL succesful owner, please think again about placing the big badge at the grille it’s ruining the looks. Stock looks better.via modtor
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