Wiesmann GT MF5

If you want a car with superb classic looks but modern engine, you can buy this car. This is a Wiesmann (yes, its from Germany,obviously) GT MF5. Eventhough it looks like a classic car, the whole body is shaped to be as aerodynamics as possible. Inside the hood, this car is powered by BMW V10 engine that produces 507 Bhp, the acceleration is a sensational 3.9 seconds from stand still to 60 Mph. And this car will go on until 194 Mph. That’s really quick. But, I think  there are 2 problems with the car. The first problem is obvious. It is expensive and not many of us can afford it. The second problem is, if you want to modify this car,well, it’s quite difficult cause it’s already got a nice wheels, it’s sitting low and I think it will look better in stock.via modtor

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