Tom’s Lexus LS

Lucky owner of the executive car Lexus LS just got luckier, because they can upgrade their car looks without too much efforts. Actually, it’s really easy. Theoretically,you just need big rims, bodykit and lower springs. But, if you modify a Lexus LS, surely you don’t want to mess the original handsomeness of the car, right. And luckily,again, Tom’s made a really simple but nice for this car.The simple add-ons all-round the body creates a perfect harmony.The rims are nice design also, it looks sporty but still elegant(But you can always choose another brand for the rims which you feel fit this car perfectly). Actually, Tom’s also fit the Lexus with exhaust kit, sports air filter, new brakes, hyper compressor kit, new damper and springs, and new LSD. But that’s for you who really cares about horsepower, since this car is meant for cruising so you don’t need that much power. Overall, this Lexus LS from Tom’s is magnificent. Just please don’t place the ridiculous decal.via modtor
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