Arden Range Rover Sport

The standard Range Rover already have it all, power, beauty and prestige. And it’s just getting better with the touch of Arden. Arden knows that to modify a car as good looking as a Range Rover, they have to be careful. Their modification has to end with a result of superb looking vehicle. And they did it, actually. Look at the attractive aerodynamic-kit that makes the Range feels stronger. And inside those huge fenders, they put 10 spokes 22″ rims. And that’s not all because they also put their magic touch to the engine. The result is a massive 520 Bhp and 502 Nm of torque. To stop all the powers, Arden replace the brakes with high performance 6pots calipers at the front and 4pots calipers at the back. But maybe with this car, you don’t want to go fast, cause it just looks so good….via modtor

Rear bumper picture after the jump


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  1. This company makes kit for the bmw 7 & 6 right? Kit kind of looks like kahn design

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