Jaeger Lecoultre Aston Martin DBS Watch

Together with Aston Martin, Jaeger LeCoultre released a new chronograph watch. And no doubt for the quality since Jaeger is well known for making premium and exclusive watches. This watch has been designed with Aston Martin’s elements on it. Just like the DBS panel, this watch got a black dial and Aston Martin emblem. And more interesting is because James Bond driving the DBS, Jaeger put some gadgets into this watch as well. This watch can lock / unlock the Aston Martin DBS because it has small transponder inside. All you need to do is push the open button between 8 to 9 on the glass surface. Really cool,isn’t it?


Wiesmann GT MF5

If you want a car with superb classic looks but modern engine, you can buy this car. This is a Wiesmann (yes, its from Germany,obviously) GT MF5. Eventhough it looks like a classic car, the whole body is shaped to be as aerodynamics as possible. Inside the hood, this car is powered by BMW V10 engine that produces 507 Bhp, the acceleration is a sensational 3.9 seconds from stand still to 60 Mph. And this car will go on until 194 Mph. That’s really quick. But, I think  there are 2 problems with the car. The first problem is obvious. It is expensive and not many of us can afford it. The second problem is, if you want to modify this car,well, it’s quite difficult cause it’s already got a nice wheels, it’s sitting low and I think it will look better in stock.via modtor

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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia had already announced the new phone that match petrolheads perfectly. Say, you got a car with lots of carbon fiber elements, you certainly will love this phone. So, this phone maybe not really smart, but people don’t buy it for its brain. They simply loves it for the design. Nokia 8800 has always been a fashion phone, but now it just get better. You might consider buying this because it will look good on your Aston’s or even in your pocket.

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Kicherer Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG

Still unsatisfy with your Mercedes-Benz new SL class even if you already have the SL63 from AMG? well, Kicherer got the solution. You can upgrade your weak (so you thought) 525 Bhp AMG’s engine in your car with Kicherer tuning program. It boosts the power up to 560 Bhp with 670 Nm of torque, improves the 0-60mph time by 0.3 seconds ( 4.3 secs) and top speed of 200 mph.That’s 320 km/hour guys…..
And not only they dare to upgrade the engine, they also change the mighty AMG bodykit by a bit. They put carbon fiber apron at the front,carbon fiber mirror cover, carbon fiber diffuser with sexy exhaust mufflers, and a trunk spoiler, which is of course made with carbon fiber.Other modification includes shaded rear taillights, New steering wheel with carbon fiber paddles, carbon fiber trim, and also a new lightweight 20″ RS-1 rims.via modtor
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Hamann Motorsport BMW 6-series

Again, Hamann did a great job upgrading the BMW’s. If you see this BMW, I think most of you will think the same with me, it’s loking really good! The combination of the front,side  skirts and rear bumper are making a big change to the looks. And this nice bodykit is not only for looks, Hamann claims that their aerokit improves the  handling. And the significant part to improve the handling even more is the adjustable sport suspension. The wheels, which is light since it’s a forged wheels, are four big 21 inches. But, if you think that 21 is too big, they have smaller size, which is 20. And of course, they also tuned the engine. Since 6-series got various models, Hamann provides tuning program for each models.via modtor

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Ing’s Lexus GS

This Ing’s+1 bodykit for Lexus GS makes the stock car looks sportier. The combination of their bodykit and their very low suspension system resulted in one nice road licker. The front bumper design is simple but it’s quite thick, good to make the car lower looks. Side skirts and the rear bumper looks really nice with the finishing touch of a simple looking ducktail. If you have a Lexus GS and you wanna look cool, this bodykit is recommended.via modtor

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Tom’s Lexus LS

Lucky owner of the executive car Lexus LS just got luckier, because they can upgrade their car looks without too much efforts. Actually, it’s really easy. Theoretically,you just need big rims, bodykit and lower springs. But, if you modify a Lexus LS, surely you don’t want to mess the original handsomeness of the car, right. And luckily,again, Tom’s made a really simple but nice for this car.The simple add-ons all-round the body creates a perfect harmony.The rims are nice design also, it looks sporty but still elegant(But you can always choose another brand for the rims which you feel fit this car perfectly). Actually, Tom’s also fit the Lexus with exhaust kit, sports air filter, new brakes, hyper compressor kit, new damper and springs, and new LSD. But that’s for you who really cares about horsepower, since this car is meant for cruising so you don’t need that much power. Overall, this Lexus LS from Tom’s is magnificent. Just please don’t place the ridiculous decal.via modtor
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