Ing’s Lexus IS

For me, this is by far is the best tuner modification for the Lexus IS. Eventhough the bodykit they offer is quite simple,it is a suitable bodykit for this car.An elegant yet sporty modification. This is what a Lexus should be. Not too much,not too simple. And Ing’s succesfull combine the elegant bodykit with very sexy sporty mesh wheels, which is just right for the car. Inside the cabin, they offer leather seats with diamond pattern, and they also upgrade the audio system, a collaboration with BREEZE. They put some tv’s and multimedia stereo system.Good job.via modtor

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TRD Toyota Aurion/ Camry

If you are living in Australia, you will easily can buy the TRD Toyota Aurion. But for you who lives in the other country, don’t worry, because this car basically looks the same with Toyota Camry with the exception of US Market, cause US market got different model. So, if you want to change the bodykit into one sporty Camry then this is the right bodykit for your car. Take a good look at the front bumper,it completely get rid off the classy looks of the standard model. At the back, it’s just getting better, the rear bumper with simple trunk spoiler really looks stunning.
On the Australian Aurion, TRD put a high performance engine which is 3.5l V6 supercharged that develops 323 Bhp and 400 Nm of torque. So this Aurion can achieve 155 Mph for the top speed. How about interior?Well, if you want to go all-out on your Camry, you can change your standard seat with TRD bucket seat. Just be careful with the color,though. Not everyone loves the red color.via modtor

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Asus Lamborghini

Take a look at this Asus Lamborghini ZX-1 PDA phone, cool isn’t it? And not only good loking with carbon fiber on its surface, but this PDA phone also smart too. Just like the Lamborghini nowadays, its a blend of looks and technology. This phone got built in GPS, 3G, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz, EDGE/GPRS?GSM 850/900/1800 MHz,Class 10 Microsoft Windows® Mobile Mobile 6.1™ Professional, 2.8′ TFT LCD Screen, 65,000 colors, USB v2.0, WLAN 802.11b+g, QVGA 240X320 pixels, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. Nice phone!

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Autoexe Mazda RX8

In my previous post, when I said how the Phantom Conquistador will be the perfect car for Bruce Wayne, I was wondering what will be a perfect car for the Joker (the Heath Ledger’s one off course). And guess what, I found this, the new bodykit from Autoexe for Mazda RX8. Look at the very cool front bumper with big air intake plus 2 small ones which looks just like the scar on Joker’s face. The cooling duct at the hood also makes a really aggressive impression for this car. But unfortunately, at the back they didn’t do it very well. Look at the hideous GT wing that ruins the car looks. My opinion, buy the front bumper but put another wing or don’t put it at all.via modtor

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AC Schnitzer BMW X6

Do you like the new BMW X6? Well, I don’t. It’s kinda like the bastard son of BMW X5 and the BMW 5series, threesome with Honda CR-V. It looks ugly, not proportional and, well ummmm….ugly. But, for AC Schnitzer, a respectful BMW tuning house, they tried to make this ugly machine into something better, they have to do it. And they come up with this upgrade kits for the BMW X6. First, they throw away the standard bumper, and fitted new big spoiler, new big rear bumper with diffuser and tailpipes, and to top that, four huge 22″s Type VII Modular rims along with new lowering kits were fitted inside the car’s fender. They haven’t touch the engine, but the most important thing is really to change the car visual. And they did it very well.

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Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia

You want an iPhone 3G, but you don’t want to have the same phone just like millions other people? Well, then this is the phone for you. The Samsung Omnia (it’s Greek for ‘everything’, by the way) looks beautiful. It’s lighter than the iPhone 3Ggot  touch screen& touchpad, GPS, analog radio, 16Gb of memory (SGH-1900 16GB), 1440 mAH battery, etc. Well, it’s pretty much got omnia, I mean everything….

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Aimgain Honda Life

Honda Life is another cute Japanese Kei-car, the favorite type of car for Japanese people. This Aimgain bodykit makes the Honda Life really come to life. The dull standard bumper is now replaced with big front bumper. The front bumper also equipped with LED daytime running lights. Side skirt also fitted nicely, last is the simple design rear bumper with small diffuser, which maybe doesn’t work but it’s nice. They also fitted big rims for this kinda car. Overall, the modification is really cool.via modtor

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