Kicherer Mercedes Benz CL

What if your dreaming car gets better looking? You will want it even more. Take a look at this Mercedes Benz CL from Kicherer. With a slight tuning for the exterior, such as grille, side skirts and rear diffuser, this Merc will make you drool just looking at it. To makes you drool even more, they put new sets of wheels, the Kicherer RS-1 in 20″ along with new lower springs and dampers. And this elegant car also got some more horsepower (53,to be precise) for the top of the line CL 600. Enter the cabin, and you will also find new trim in Alcantara and carbon fiber.

via modtor

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ABT VW Scirocco

Tuners are now competing to prove to the world who is the best modificator. And even they do it on photoshop, just like this ABT VW Scirocco -since the car just come out- they did it very good. New sporty aerokit and 30 mm drop lowering springs were fitted to make this handsome car more stylish. For the wheels, Abt have several line up with the sizes range from 18 – 20″. And they also offer power upgrade packages, with the base upgrade can boosts the power up to 40 Bhp for the gasoline and 30 Bhp for the diesel engine. To stop this new power, there’s also Abt braking system with big 345mm brakes discs and stronger brake pads.via modtor
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Hartge BMW X5

Owner of BMW X5 hardly uses it as an off road car,or even slightly get out of the main road. That’s why this modification from Hartge is quite reasonable. They turn this off road capable SAV into a road only SAV. Look at it, their thick sporty full front bumper will never make it out there. Neither are the side skirts with chrome steps which will easily be broken if it goes onto a ramp. And those race looking diffuser is definitely not made to impress kangaroo in the outback. Don’t even mention that the 22″ wheels will not survive the bumps. On the interior, you can choose 3-spokes leather steering wheel with silver carbon fiber, new speedometer, aluminum pedals, carbon interior trim and even excluxive floor mat are available. Under the hood, there are some performance upgrade package to make it more aggressive. Well, it may not works on the off road, but it looks damn good on the road.via modtor
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Oettinger VW Scirocco

I think everybody are with me in this statement, the new VW Scirocco looks awesome! And what happens with good looking cars?people will modify them to make it better,or worse. But this tuner really makes it better. Oettinger is known as a Germany’s top tuner, and for the new Scirocco they make new stylish front bumper, sporty side skirts, rear upper spoiler, and rear bumper with diffuser. Another style upgrades are the 19-20″ wheels, lowering kit, interior upgrade using carbon fiber accessories.They also provide tuning kit which is able to boosts up the Scirocco’s horsepower to 350 Bhp and 470 Nm of torque. If you don’t want to go this hardcore, you can choose base performance upgrades which boosts the power by 40 Bhp more than the stock 200 Bhp. Another development for the performance package is still on progress.via modtor
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Lexmaul Volvo C30

The sporty Volvo C30 now get a facial treatment. Lexmaul is the one who responsible to make the hot hatch even hotter. Their full bodykit with over fender builds more muscular feeling to this car. And what’s a sporty looking car without the speed? So, Lexmaul installed new engine control unit and tune the exhaust system, which makes respectively 30 Bhp more than the stock. Completing the looks, they fitted new lighweight wheels and lowering kit to drop this car by 30mm.via modtor
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Kenstyle Chrysler 300C

What can you choose to make the Chrysler 300C looks more muscular in every way? Big wheels are a must,of course. But other than that, you have to choose the suitable bodykit. Otherwise,you will ruin the muscular look. It’s quite risky to make it better. But, Kenstyle has the bodykit just for you. They fitted the Chrysler with front bumper with three air vents which maybe won’t do anything to improve airflow, side skirts, and the best part is the rear bumper with double exhausts tips that look just right for this car. This is one stylish American muscle car.via modtor
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Hamann Aston Martin Vantage

This is why people love modification world. Some people can turn a car to be better, some are making it worse. But this Hamann‘s modified Vantage get into the group where some people turn a really nice car into a one astonishing, fabulous, really cool and very handsome car. This aerokit totally gets into Vantage wild side, making the car looks stunning as well as improves the handling. If the high quality bodykit doesn’t satisfy you thirst for racing look enough, eventhough it’s already equipped with a cool roof scoop, Hamann three pieces 21″ wheels deliver more racing style into it. The whole body dropped down by 30 mm in the front and 20mm at the back, thanks to new lowering springs. And if you want to experience the racing look inside, Hamann also offers interior upgrade such as new aluminum pedal set, leather trim and floor mats.via modtor
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